The House

Before staying in one of our guest apartments, let us introduce you to the house ...

This beautiful lady was built around 1829 by François Joseph Muller, and his wife Cresence Dillenseger. A beautiful and vast domain with outbuildings, hectares of vineyards, these people were, as far as we could tell, very important in the village. This master winemaker's house thus has a huge cellar with a storage capacity of 1000hl, the equivalent of a 25 hectare farm.

Emile, their grandson, was also a winemaker, you will also find some objects that belonged to him, including cases of wine in the entrance hall, marked with his name.

The rest of the story is still a little fuzzy for us (but we learn regularly!), A couple of hunters lived here during the 20th century, having had no direct descendants, a big conflict related to inheritance left this house abandoned for more than 20 years.

When we bought it, it was in excellent overall condition, because plaques had been placed all the time on the windows and doors, protecting the building from light as curious.

If you want to know more about our work, you will find in the entrance of the house a photo album, where you will discover how this pretty lady was when we bought her.

We love it very much, so it is important to us to renovate it while respecting its history, its architecture as much as possible. It is also a building that is part of the history of the village and its inhabitants, and we love it when someone tells us an anecdote lived within its walls!

Here is a photo gallery of the common areas of the house, yesterday and today. All these spaces belong to the "public" part of the house, composed only of guest apartments, for a completely independent stay.

20200421_150103 (1)
Couloir desservant les appartements du 1rer étage
Vue sur l'entrée
Détail de l'escalier
Palier du 1er étage
Couloir desservant les appartements du 1er étage
L'annexe des petits chevaliers